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Creating Social Media Worth Sharing

The other day, I was taking a visual stroll through the news feeds of my social media outlets when I noticed a friend of mine sharing a post belonging to someone she knew. The post itself wasn’t all that important but what I noticed is that it was a unique food item.

I never went back to see how much attention was given to that particular post, but I did find it interesting that this friend seemed willing to take the extra step of helping promote her friend’s business. I noticed because there are an interestingly low number of shares of the posts I take the time to create for Jupiter Promotions.

Normally, I might just think the posts aren’t worthy of a share or a retweet, but I get great feedback in person when I run into people outside of social media. Whether it is “I love your Where Is Jeff Wednesday posts” or “I really liked your blog last week” or “I always go to your page to see what national days are that day,” I really enjoy hearing about people getting some enjoyment from the four or five posts we create each day.

I recognized early on that I would need to be more creative than others in generating compelling content for our social media pages. When I was a social media manager for a food service company, I could take photos of food to draw in people’s attention. When I managed social media for non-profits, I could use photos of kids to pull on heart strings. As the owner of a full-service PR and marketing company, the content at my disposal is limited to the clients I have and whatever creative thoughts run through my mind.

In some ways, I appreciate that I get to be the final decision-maker on all the content I produce for the social media pages. On the other hand, I am always appreciative when I can add a new client that allows me to have new content.

Having been a social media manager since 2010, I have as much experience in this area as anyone I know. I have been using social media as an effective way to engage audiences and grow followers for clients since social media began its ascent. It works. But I have to admit it is much tougher when you are attempting to do it as a service provider rather than a product provider. Food service companies are a natural fit for the visual nature of social media. PR companies attempting to self-promote, on the other hand, have a little more work to do to engage audiences.

We will always have our Music Mondays, Trivia Tuesdays, Whine Wednesdays, Random Thought Thursdays and Fun Fridays, but we are always seeking new ways to entertain our friends who appreciate our posts. But we need feedback outside of personal encounters, so we definitely encourage everyone to share or retweet our posts so we can expand our reach and grow as a company. Thank you for your support!

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