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Our Role With the Centennial Celebrations of the Auto Shows

Coming up this week is the 100th Anniversary Tulsa Auto Show, which will be Friday through Sunday at the River Spirit Expo in Tulsa. Jupiter Promotions is proud and excited to be a part of the promotional side of this event, most notably because it is such a landmark year to be asked to help get the word out.

Our involvement with the Tulsa Auto Show began a couple of months ago when we were recommended to serve as the public relations side of the promotional effort for the 100th Anniversary Oklahoma City Auto Show. As a company still working to build on our reputation, it was a great feeling to have such a major event ask to have us promote them.

This year’s OKC Auto Show was a big one. Among the more notable features for this year were the 5K race, “Coffee and Cars,” the Gala, the re-creation of a dealership from a century ago, and the tour stop of the National Horseless Carriage Club of America. Throw in traditional features such as the NASCAR exhibit, the 18-Hole Mini-Golf Course and the test drives, and we had plenty to work with in bringing media and public attention to this great event.

By all accounts, the 100th Anniversary Oklahoma City Auto Show was a success. Attendance was among the highest ever, and the public reacted positively to the numerous features that were available. In terms of media, all four television stations, all three major radio ownership groups and several newspapers reported on the event. The hard work paid off and we were asked to do the same work for the 100th Anniversary Tulsa Auto Show.

We are hopeful to have the same impact with this year’s Tulsa Auto Show. We have used the same approach with the media and have been getting a positive response thus far. We are really appreciative of the opportunity to build excitement for the event and we anticipate a great time for everyone.

Among the highlights of the 100th Anniversary Tulsa Auto Show are the re-creation exhibit, “Caffeine and Gasoline,” the NASCAR exhibit, the Mini-Golf Course, the classic cars exhibit and the test drives. And that doesn’t include the 400-plus new cars and trucks. There truly is something for everyone.

We are excited about the growth this company is experiencing and the work we have been able to perform for the Oklahoma City and Tulsa auto shows is a great example of that. We look forward to the Tulsa Auto Show this weekend and we absolutely see this as a great step toward big things in the future of this Jupiter Promotions.

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