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First Step in Handling a Crisis? Jupiter Promotions

This past year was one in which it was clear there were a large number of businesses that either didn’t have a solid perspective on what was needed in terms of crisis communication or they just didn’t care. For those who didn’t care, that position will eventually catch up with them if it hasn’t already. For those who don’t heed the advice of those around them or have just been getting bad advice, Jupiter Promotions is the company for you.

When I first started at Langston University several years ago, I never envisioned I would become an expert in the area of crisis communications. But having to lead efforts in response to campus shootings and other unpredictable campus-related issues helped shape my abilities in this area. By the time I was asked to serve on a group tasked with drafting a statewide emergency response plan, I was considered a leader in knowing what steps to take in any emergency. I had done it and I had performed effectively and admirably.

I eventually went to work for a consulting company where clients occasionally needed assistance with responding to a variety of concerns that would come their way. Given my time at Langston, I never felt much pressure with knowing how to respond to anything. It helped me realize that I had a talent for understanding crises and not allowing them to overwhelm me. And, as I have discovered in the several months since then, there are not many people out there who share this talent.

What would you do if your food service company had an incident involving someone getting sick presumably from the food they served? Wouldn’t that be a great time to have an experienced PR firm in your corner? What if someone criticized your company on social media? How should you respond to that? Again, I know I would want someone like me who has been down that path and understands what to do and not to do in those situations.

The thing about crisis communications is that nobody thinks they need it until they do. And, then, it is often too late to effectively respond to it. That is why it is so important to have a professional with experience in this area that is already in your corner.

The world is full of companies that don’t get it right. Don’t be like those companies – let Jupiter Promotions lead the way for your company before it is too late.

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