Networking Provides Opportunities

One of the most important elements of being a business leader is continuing to keep your face in the public eye. Networking is one of the best ways to do just that while getting yourself front and center with decision makers who might just need the services your company provides.

This past week was a perfect example of that. I decided to attend a Network After Work event at Fassler Hall in hopes of at least exchanging a few business cards with representatives from other businesses. The evening turned out much better than I could have ever anticipated.

A slow start to the evening eventually turned into a night of possibilities and opportunities as I was approached by several people interested in finding out more about what Jupiter Promotions does. I discovered that my belief was correct that there was a niche for a company like mine that wasn’t being filled. As it turns out, businesses do understand the value of hiring professionals to promote their business and Jupiter Promotions is quickly gaining a reputation for doing just that.

We have built our promotional strategies around a combination of social media, public relations and marketing, and we are using that effectively for the benefit of our clients. This message resonated well with several business owners and representatives the other night and I was so pleased with the response we have had since that time.

And the great thing is, not a single other public relations or marketing company attended the event. Or if they did, they hid in the corner and did their best to make themselves invisible.

So, when people talk about the value of networking, they aren’t just talking. Each new opportunity opens the door for additional faces that Jupiter Promotions can show the value of what we do. And those of us at Jupiter Promotions won’t be outworked or outperformed by any of those other companies. Don’t believe us. Maybe next time, one of our competitors will show up and you can ask them what they think.