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The Write Stuff

About a month ago, I noticed a post on Facebook from a PR practitioner who I’ve known for several years. The post was simple and was describing a shared post. But what stood out was the word “their” being used instead of the proper “they’re.”

I’m as close to a grammar Nazi as you will find but I am also someone who has learned to mostly keep my mouth shut (or my keyboard strikes in this social media world) when it comes to pointing out people’s mistakes. But what I noticed more than anything was that this mistake had been made and nobody else seemed to notice it. The words just sat there on the page for at least an hour gathering more and more likes.

I’ve been writing as an amateur since I was hitting double digits in age. A couple of childhood friends and I actually wrote a neighborhood newsletter. Since then, I have been a sports editor for three newspapers, a Capitol correspondent for three companies and have written social media, press releases, blogs, newsletters, scripts, website content and business letters for a multitude of clients during my many years in the public relations and marketing industry. Suffice it to say, I can write. I have won awards for some of my efforts and have not won awards for even better efforts.

We all make mistakes and unfortunately those mistakes stand out more today than ever. But I’ve been fortunate to avoid any of the major writing mistakes that have stood out over a lengthy period of time. This is something that should mean something to a business owner or organization director who is looking for someone with the “write stuff.” At Jupiter Promotions, we take the tools available to everyone and use them to make sure our clients are getting error-free content that is beneficial to their company or organization.

So, when you are making a decision as to who is going to manage the content for your company, you have to make a key decision before you ever get started. Do you want someone who is going to use wordsmith talents in combination with decades of quality editing skills? Or are you going to choose someone who may or may not know whether to use "they’re" or "their," or "your" or "you’re?" With Jupiter Promotions, we are never at a loss for words and we always find the right ones. It’s up to you – but we encourage you to always choose Jupiter Promotions as the “write” decision.

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