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Social Media Strategy vs. Posting to Social Media

I once had a conversation with a friend of mine in a similar industry who voiced concern about my frequent posting to social media. Granted, we were talking about my personal pages but her message was the same – people don’t pay attention to social media unless it is bad. I disagreed with her then and I absolutely disagree with her perception now.

The key difference between individuals like my friend and companies like mine is that we have a strategy that focuses on how to best reach your target markets. It is important to post information about your company to social media pages but that isn’t what people always want to see. Surveys have found overwhelmingly that people’s expectations for social media are focused on variety and entertainment. And this is something that doesn’t just happen when posting randomly from day-to-day.

In putting this business together and reaching out to prospective clients, I have found a myriad of mistakes companies and individuals when it comes to social media management. Some businesses post once or twice a week. Some post once every couple of months. Some post only when they have something to announce about their business. Some post only to Facebook. These are all ways to post but show a complete lack of social media strategy. Randomness may help you get by but you aren't effectively reaching your audience when they have such low expectations of your social media presence.

Those of us at Jupiter Promotions have long been recognized for our talents in identifying the needs of each individual business, recognizing their target markets and creating daily posts for multiple social media accounts to reach their audience. There is nothing random about the research and hard work we put into the social media strategy we can provide for your business.

So, the next time you find yourself taking a photo of the latest news announcement at your business and posting something to your Facebook page for the first time in two months, ask yourself if you are actually planning your social media strategy around getting a maximum reach to your target audience. Because at Jupiter Promotions, we have already thought that out for you.

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