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Welcome to Jupiter Promotions

For those of you who are new to Jupiter Promotions, welcome. And trust me, Jupiter Promotions should be new to all of you since it is new to me as well. After all, we haven’t been around all that long. As a company, anyway.

My name is Jeff Packham, and for many of you (I hope), this is a name you do know. Whether you know me for my nearly 15 years in the food service and bar industry (name the job and I have done it), 10 years as a newspaper reporter, or the six years I spent working in public relations and marketing, you know that I am literally one of a kind (look it up – I am the ONLY Jeff Packham I have been able to find in the U.S.).

Some of you know the path that has led me to where I am today. I believed one day I would start up my own business, but circumstances led me to this point much sooner than I would have ever anticipated. While recovering from emergency spinal surgery that temporarily rendered me a paraplegic, I discovered my best option in the public relations industry was to start up my own company and bring the skills and experience I have developed during my professional career to fill the gaps for businesses and organizations throughout the state.

Our “About Us” page will tell you that we are a full-service public relations and marketing company. What that means is that we will do whatever it takes to help grow your business or organization. The packages we offer begin with content, starting with social media, websites, newsletters and blogs. We can also create videos or design projects or plan events. We have the ability to take on tasks that will help your business and we are always going to be willing to step up to assist you in any way we can.

Again, we would like to welcome you to Jupiter Promotions. We would love for you to grow along with us. Our goal is to make you stand out among everyone else. Just as Jupiter does among the stars.

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