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Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and stands out among the stars in the sky. Jupiter is well known for its eye. At Jupiter Promotions, we will always have our eye on doing what is best for you - our clients. We have extensive experience in using and working with media to highlight the greatness of the companies and individuals we represent. Like our solar system's largest planet, your business or organization will stand out among the stars when you choose Jupiter Promotions as your full-service public relations and marketing firm.

Jeff Packham

Founder & President/CEO

Jeff began writing at an early age, starting with a neighborhood newsletter he created along with friends prior to adolesence. Since then, he has been a sports writer, an award-winning reporter at and around the State Capitol, a spokesman, an announcer, a blogger, and most importantly - a successful publicist and business consultant.


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Jupiter Promotions

P.O. Box 32473

Oklahoma City, OK 73123

Tel: 405-664-0685

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